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Title: Ilman Lenin-setä
Authors/editors: Jan Liesaho, Vaula Tuomaala
English title: Without uncle Lenin
Pamphlet on the new wave of artists on the left. Beyond the old paradigm, the banners are absurd and nonsensical.
Release party at Café Mascot on Wednesday 30/3 18:00

More info: www.intokustannus.fi/kirja/ilman_lenin-setaa_huom/

My dreams getting far too mundane

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Dreamt I entered a Helsinki tram knowing I had no ticket, but intended to buy one with an SMS once I sat down. Sat down, I noticed ticket inspectors starting their inspection. I was too late in getting a ticket. I would get a fine. Aagh. What do I do?

Hey, I know. This is a dream. I´ll wake up.

So I did. Feeling partly satisfied with my clever exit and partly disappointed with my dream mind for conjuring up such a mundane scenario. TRAM RIDES? IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO, DREAM MIND?

Greets from Nokia, Finland

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Picture taken with an iPhone.


Oops / Scott McCloud photobomb

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I saw some friends behind me at the Helsinki comix centre and another friend taking their picture, so I decided to photobomb them for a laugh.

I did not notice the man next to them. Transpired that man was famed comics author Scott McCloud. Hee hee hee. All apologies Mr. McCloud. Heee.


Heikki Hillamo

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Cover for Into pamphlet.
Author: Heikki Hillamo
Title: Uusi hyvinvointivaltio
Pamphlet about the welfare state and what it can be developed into.

More info can be found here.

The most grotesque ad

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These are all over Helsinki metro nowadays. They will haunt my dreams and doom our future. Some reality series apparently.





Suomi Remix

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Suomi remix

Book by Tuomas Martikainen about national identity in times of migration.
More info:

Viaton Imperiumi

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Viaton imperiumi

Book by Hanna Nikkanen
English title: The innocent empire.
A book chronicling the doings of Finnish corporations abroad, literally making thieves out of all of us.
The cover was folio printed, so the effect was of a mirror, so the reader sees self reflected with a thief mask on.
More info: www.intokustannus.fi/kirja/viaton_imperiumi/

New season of Boktid has begun

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My favourite Swedish language Finnish literature program has just started a new season. I don´t say it´s my absolute favourite just because I contribute to the program, it´s actually astoundingly good. The team behind it are the sharpest kids on the block. We got an award and the program has been exported throughout all of Scandinavia.

But don´t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself at Yle Areena. The official website with my animations and extra info is here.


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1 – Go to translate.google.com

2-Select from: English.

3-Select to: Icelandic

4-Type in “Foo fighters” in the text field.