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Old music – O

In fun, music on 22/08/2013 at 00:25

Caught myself cleaning up/syncing some hard drives (because they keep failing – 4 drives gone this year!) and started to listen to a project I was doing with my old buddy/musical genius Freddy Holm and lo and behold – the stuff held up, ten-eleven years later.
Most of the music was composed and improvised while recording and lyrics were made up on the spot. It was a hugely rewarding project and I learned a ton from Freddy while at it. It was hit or miss, but I gotta say that our tally was pretty good.

Between 96 and 2002 we recorded over 40 tracks, everything from Resident´sy sound experiments to gibberish russian opera to synthrock to psych and everywhere in between.
Here´s five tunes, enjoy!



Hey, wussup?

In music, personal, video, work on 13/08/2013 at 08:05

…and suddenly five months pass with no updates. So what happened meanwhile?

Well, musicwise there´s this:

We retired Nazca in April. It was a lovely evening. Go here for a postscript.

Two days later, we had first rehearsals with Dad. Dad plays dadpunk, because fatherhood can be hard, therefore you need hard music.
Dad played it´s first gig last week. We also just released our first cassette on Shitsuck Tapes with nine tunes on it.

Here´s the first track off side A:

Here´s some more tracks live:

Go here for WAY more Dad goodness.

Workwise, I had some real cool workshops in Lahti and Karjaa, the penultimate season of FST´s Boktid needed animations and trips to Angouleme and Oslo. It was VERY gratifying to watch French kids grab my artwork for free, courtesy of Jippi and No Comprendo.