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Krigsindustri sponser grunnlovsdagsfeiring?

In musings, personal, politics on 24/04/2015 at 11:23

Sendte nettopp denne mailen til Den Norske Ambassade her i Helsinki:


Jeg ble veldig glad da jeg fikk en invitasjon til Den Norske Ambassades feiring av grunnlovsdagen. Så oppdaget jeg at Kongsberg Gruppen sto på sponsorlista. Da visste jeg at de serverte snittene ikke ville smake veldig godt for meg.

Kongsberg Gruppen har solgt krigsmateriale til blant annet Israel og dette har blitt brukt i de nylige offensivene mot Gazastripen, som hadde skyhøye sivile dødstall.

Jeg synes dette er veldig trist, at når jeg vil feire grunnloven, så skjer det med midler fra krigsindustrien.Det er mye jeg er stolt over fra landet jeg kommer fra, men Kongsberg Gruppen er ikke blant dem.

Jeg håper dere får en fin feiring og at jeg kan i fremtiden bli med uten å gå på akkord med mitt menneskesyn og prinsipper.

Vennlig hilsen



#Inktober over – Final gallery

In fun, illustration, personal, work on 02/11/2014 at 14:38

A very fun thing to be part of, it put some of the playfulness back into what I´m doing.
These are all for sale. Price: You name it. Just be sure you can look me in the eye when you do.
Drop me a line if you see something you like.

I put some rules for myself:
1. No sketching. Ink is ink is ink.
2. Only black ink (except one exception to confirm the rule)
3. Don´t spend more than 10 minutes on it.
-It was fun to see how the drawing turned out when you couldn´t sketch. It´s like doing surgery with a hand behind your back. The ones using photo reference turned weird and warped, because it was tricky to put in markers to keep the proportions in check, therefore some areas grew and others shrank, giving a kinda melted look. As well as how your eye gets used to mistakes, so things get skewed when your usual helplines aren´t present.

50 stealth sketches

In illustration, musings, personal, work on 30/06/2014 at 13:50

Things are progressing nicely. A bigger picture is emerging, even.

Check em out at the Stealth Sketch-tumblr.

See anyone you know?

Stealth Sketch -Surrounded by strangers

In blog, illustration, musings, personal, work on 16/05/2014 at 11:06

I started a while ago to sketch strangers on the Helsinki metro.

I´ve uploaded my favourites to a Tumblr here:

Some reasons to do this:
-It´s a great exercise, I think I could one day become totally ok at drawing. Who knows. You have to draw a lot to become good at it.
-It´s exciting to draw strangers without them knowing.
-I´m from a small place and now live in a capital city. I´m ambivalent about the amount of people I ignore on a daily basis. This is a nice reminder. Strangers are apparently people too. This is a nice way to remember them.
-It´s an interesting and problematic activity: We all own our own image, how much can a person take without asking? Is this voyeurism, drawing exercise or documentation? How much is yours, how much is mine? I interpret what I see, which is your face, which you own. I draw it and it becomes mine. Am I Cartier-Bresson or just a creep on the tube?

Ink pen straight in. No sketching or prep work allowed.
Be aware of facial form, proportions and unique characteristics. You are given minimal chance to observe and revise details. The object may leave or or change position at any time.
Selection of object is completely random and usually chosen from whether object is adjacent. You are usually not given the luxury of choice.
If the object stares back, stare at someone else for a while. Usually the object loses interest or thinks he or she has become completely paranoid. Or that you are a nutter best left alone.
You are allowed to touch up the drawing afterwards, using contour lines or hatching. No tipp-ex allowed. All your mistakes are visible. Accept that.

I don´t consider myself satisfied with any of the sketches here. I am hesitant to show these, but that is my own challenge. It is obvious that I am not exposing the strangers I am portraying, but myself in raw form as a draftsman. I´m not comfortable with that. It´s extremely important to feel some discomfort. The comfort zone can be slow death.

Tax cuts should be more gay

In fun, musings, personal, politics on 12/05/2014 at 10:50

Random thought while doing dishes:
LGBTQ folks are taxpayers. They are not getting their money´s worth for their taxes, as long as the state can´t guarantee equal treatment for marriage, adoption, blood donation and freedom from harassment.
So, LGBTQ peeps should get a tax cut. That would
A: make the state hurry up about civil rights in general and
B: create hilarious scenes of rich kids doing their damndest to classify as gay, in order to nab that tax cut. Gonna be a lot more rainbow flags on the golf courses and freemason churches.

It´s not fair that LBGTQ´s are paying as much taxes as the rest of us. If they can´t have kids or inherit their partners, at least give em a tax cut until you fixed matters.

www.rivalskeleton.com squatted, twatted and r.i.p.

In personal, work on 12/12/2013 at 10:35

If anyone of you has tried to contact me through my old rivalskeleton.com site, please PM for current contact info. The site has fallen by the wayside and has been cybersquatted by these charming folks.
I´m not gonna reward these scumbags by paying them ransom to get the domain back, so here´s a heads up. If your email to me has bounced, this is the reason.

Hey, wussup?

In music, personal, video, work on 13/08/2013 at 08:05

…and suddenly five months pass with no updates. So what happened meanwhile?

Well, musicwise there´s this:

We retired Nazca in April. It was a lovely evening. Go here for a postscript.

Two days later, we had first rehearsals with Dad. Dad plays dadpunk, because fatherhood can be hard, therefore you need hard music.
Dad played it´s first gig last week. We also just released our first cassette on Shitsuck Tapes with nine tunes on it.

Here´s the first track off side A:

Here´s some more tracks live:

Go here for WAY more Dad goodness.

Workwise, I had some real cool workshops in Lahti and Karjaa, the penultimate season of FST´s Boktid needed animations and trips to Angouleme and Oslo. It was VERY gratifying to watch French kids grab my artwork for free, courtesy of Jippi and No Comprendo.

Julegavetips – brannfakkelversjon

In comics, personal on 05/12/2012 at 13:14

Boikott de dølle juleheftene som serverer det samma rælet hvert år!

Ved å kjøpe ´Kapteinens jul´ oppmuntrer du pengepugerne til å skvise enda mer penger ut av dette råtne liket. Om dette hadde vært film, hadde du ikke hørt annet enn pianoklimpring, mens en klossete fyr slår folk i skallen med en planke han har over skulderen.

Dette kan ikke godtas. La museumene overta oldsakene. Nei til Tvangsgutane!

Om du vil ha en endring, må du dermed stemme med lommeboka.

Med andre ord, kjøp boka mi!

Redd norske serier fra morkne museumsobjekter.

How it´s done

In comics, illustration, personal, work on 27/06/2012 at 09:56

I wanted to give a little peek behind the curtain and show the workflow of one of the pages in my most recent book.

Click on the pic to go to my Flickr page and see how I built a page.

Drammens tidende

In comics, fun, personal, work on 24/06/2012 at 08:54

Drammens Tidende 15/6 – 12

Lastet nettopp opp bilder ifra forrige helgs avis. Klikk for å lese.