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Hey, wussup?

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…and suddenly five months pass with no updates. So what happened meanwhile?

Well, musicwise there´s this:

We retired Nazca in April. It was a lovely evening. Go here for a postscript.

Two days later, we had first rehearsals with Dad. Dad plays dadpunk, because fatherhood can be hard, therefore you need hard music.
Dad played it´s first gig last week. We also just released our first cassette on Shitsuck Tapes with nine tunes on it.

Here´s the first track off side A:

Here´s some more tracks live:

Go here for WAY more Dad goodness.

Workwise, I had some real cool workshops in Lahti and Karjaa, the penultimate season of FST´s Boktid needed animations and trips to Angouleme and Oslo. It was VERY gratifying to watch French kids grab my artwork for free, courtesy of Jippi and No Comprendo.


Boktid-animation – Arutunyan

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Boktid – Arutunyan a video by Karstein Volle on Flickr.

Just uploaded one of the multiple animations I´ve done for FST TV this autumn.
An animated summary of Anna Arutunyans book “Tsar Putin”. Made for FST programme Boktid

New Nazca video

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That´s yours truly exposed to the reality-altering effect of a slit scan video.

In case you didn´t know…

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Us kids in Nazca released a brand new video for a brand new tune off our brand new album. It´s worth your precious time. Trust me. Check it out.



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wasabi from Karstein Volle on Vimeo.

A very stupid video of a stupid thing to do.

Boktid – Torgny Lindgren – Minnen

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Komprimerad version av Torgny Lindgrens “minnen” för FST sitt program Boktid.

Boktid – Underfors

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If you wonder what I´m up to or why I don´t get in touch any more, it´s because I´m doing 120 seconds of animation a week nowadays.

I started animating my distillations of books at FST´s Boktid last fall. I´m extremely happy with the results. Check out this one from Series 6, episode 2.

Summa Summarum – Boktid s06e02 – Maria Turtschaninoff – Underfors from Karstein Volle on Vimeo.

Check out the new seasons animations at Boktid´s website.

New season of Boktid has begun

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My favourite Swedish language Finnish literature program has just started a new season. I don´t say it´s my absolute favourite just because I contribute to the program, it´s actually astoundingly good. The team behind it are the sharpest kids on the block. We got an award and the program has been exported throughout all of Scandinavia.

But don´t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself at Yle Areena. The official website with my animations and extra info is here.

A video

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…or what to do when bored and having Photo booth handy…

Untitled from Karstein Volle on Vimeo.